About Toh Chuan Kee.

From humble beginnings to a large Wa Ko Kueh wholesaler, Toh Chuan Kee Foodstuff Pte Ltd has a rich heritage in perfecting the taste of our Wa Ko Kuehs.

With the traditional Wa Ko Kueh recipe handed down through the generations, we have spent the past 35 years perfecting the art of making delicious Wa Ko Kuehs. Today, we remain committed to preserving the traditional flavors, and are passionate in experimenting with new techniques to create traditional yet novel Kuehs for you and your family.

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History of

Toh Chuan Kee


The first family Kueh business was established at a factory in Kampung Bahru, by Toh Chuan Kee's father.


Toh Chuan Kee's brother took over the family Kueh business, which specialized in Wa Ko Kueh and Rice Huat Kueh.


There were two companies. Toh Brothers Foodstuff Manufactory, and Toh Chuan Kee Foodstuff Manufactory.


Toh Brothers Foodstuff Manufactory ended its operations and Toh Chuan Kee Foodstuff Manufactory took over production of its products. Toh Chuan Kee's daughter, Mdm Toh, took over Toh Chuan Kee Foodstuff Manufactory and continued with the production of Wa Ko Kueh, Otak Kueh and Rice Huat Kueh.


Mdm Toh shifted the company to Gourmet East Kitchen at Bedok North road and privatized the company with plans of expansion.


Toh Chuan Kee Foodstuff Pte Ltd launched various new creations, such as the Craneberry Wa Ko Kueh, Coffee Wa Ko Kueh and many other delicious selections. The company went uder a complete rebranding exercise, changing its logo. A website was also created so that customers can place their orders online.


Mr Goh Teck Hua will start taking over the business from October 2017. Tech Hua has been with the company since 2004 and has seen the company grow from our humble beginnings to what we are today. Over the past decade, he has picked up the necessary skills to create good products, and has been learning to run a successful business as well.


We are excited by the journey ahead. At the same time, the journey has been a humbling one. We are extremely thankful to all who have supported us so far, and are committed to keep serving you the highest quality products.

About Wa Ko Kueh.

The Wa Ko Kueh was actually called Ko Kueh, and originated from the province of Fujian, China. It is actually sometimes found in the shape of a square. It was a popular delicacy among households, made during festive seasons often for ancestral worship.

The Ko Kueh was later renamed. It was steamed in small porcelain bowls with black sugar. The Chinese word for bowls is “Wan”, which is why the Ko Kueh is named “Wa Ko Kueh” today.

Today, apart from being used for Chinese festivals, Wa Ko Kueh also become a popular snack for family gatherings and snacks.




Steam the Wa Ko Kuehs in a pot of hot water. Toss in some pandan leaves into the pot for added fragrance.


You can dip the Wa Ko Kuehs in ready-made flavoured syrup or another traditional way of eating the Wa Ko Kuehs is to dip them in red sugar or grated white coconut. Alternatively, you can dip your freshly made Wa Ko Kuehs with jam, butter, nutella or fresh cream.


Spread a layer of mayonnaise on top of your Wa Ko Kuehs and add a dash of chocolate chips or pork floss for a savory treat.


Party platters come in easy to distribute and eat boxes. They are perfect for any occasion, be it a birthday party, wedding, or simple family get together.